Electronic Waste Pick-Up Service

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Ecospot Recycling will assist you with picking up your electronic waste from your location. We provide you with a “transfer of ownership” document and also send you a “Certificate of Destruction” as soon as the materials has been weighed in at the Ecospot Recycling facility.

Our developed Recycling processes will support the tracking and reporting of all materials entering our facilities. We track all equipment throughout the electronics recovery and recycling process. For example, we record serial numbers, asset tags and model number identification details for all focus materials. At the final destination, any recycled assets that are noted, will have a certificate of destruction and any legal indemnification statements attached to the final report.

Our computer and electronics recycling services follow strict compliance with “Zero Landfill” and “Zero Export of Hazardous Waste” policies.

Our Data Security Services (Hard Drive Destruction and Hard Drive Wipe) will be done accordingly through our Department of Defense (DOD) certified overwrite processes. This will ensure our clients that no confidential information breaches or transfer of license software will occur.